Build and launch your next generation carrier-class product quickly and confidently using OpenClovis’ SAFplus platform. SAFplus provides all of the management and system software required for enterprise and service-provider operator acceptance, freeing you up to develop your valued added features.

SAFplus runs on Linux, Wind River’s PNE & VxWorks and ARM processors, and can be ported to most hardware platforms with minimal effort. Customers have already ported to: PICMG AdvancedTCA, BladeCenter/T, HP BladeSystem and Oracle’s Sun Netra Servers.

The SAFplus modular solution gives you more – for less. More manageability, availability, flexibility and scalability, plus legacy support. Less risk, complexity, operational and development cost. SAFplus’s comprehensive, proactive management system enables fail-safe reliability across all hardware and software components in your system. And OpenClovis IDE is an unparalleled tool suite that speeds and simplifies development and configuration. OpenClovis is today’s most advanced, robust, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software infrastructure platform. It’s more than a total middleware solution – it’s a launch pad for accelerating your product to market.

tn_HAOpenClovisOpenClovis SAFplus High Availability and Scalability Platform
Whilst many network equipment providers are developing proprietary services platform, the efficiency and benefits of AdvancedTCA hardware and the carrier-grade Linux operating system open the path to using COTS components at the service platform level. SAFplus lets you quickly and easily add the management and high availability service layer to your design enabling highly marketable and differentiated solutions.

OpenClovis's integrated development environment simplifies and accelerates the development of networking and computing equipmentOpenClovis Integrated Development Environment
OpenClovis IDE is an integrated development environment designed to simplify and accelerate the development of networking and computing equipment. Coupled with SAFplus this intuitive software solution streamlines the process of specifying the information model, high availability settings and communication infrastructure of your system. OpenClovis IDE stores all the information describing a project in well-defined XML files that can be modified by the user. Modeling of system resources and relationships are specified using a graphical UML editor.

OpenClovis's has an advanced test automation environment tool that provides full lifecycle testing OpenClovis Test Automation Environment
OpenClovis TAE is an advanced test automation environment tool developed for providing full lifecycle testing requirements in a distributed networking. It provides prebuilt, ready-to-deploy test cases for middleware, OS and COTS platforms such as ATCA, BladeCenter/T, HP BladeSystem and Oracle’s Sun Netra Servers. TAE is used for unit, component, integration, verification and soak, system and regression testing, as well as performance measuring, in a fully automated environment. It also includes full test reports and matrix database-based advanced reporting for quick project status, and test failure analysis at both the management and detailed engineering levels.

OpenClovis's Runtime Director is a web-based cluster management solution fully integrated with SAFplus.OpenClovis Runtime Director
OpenClovis Runtime Director is a web-based cluster management solution fully integrated with SAFplus. The Runtime Director is built using a modern model view controller architecture with the TurboGears web mega-framework. It allows all SAF AMF entities in the cluster to be viewed and modified using an intuitive graphical interface.

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