Test Automation Environment

The Test Automation Environment (TAE) provides full lifecycle testing in a distributed networking element. It provides prebuilt, ready-to-deploy test cases for middleware, OS and COTS platform such as ATCA. TAE is used for unit, component, integration, verification and soak, system and regression testing, as well as performance measuring, in a fully automated environment. It also includes full test reports and matrix database-based advanced reporting for quick project status, and test failure analysis at both the management and detailed engineering levels.

Key Features

  • Tests complex multi-processor, distributed system and clustered architectures.
  • Aimed at software managers and software developers, as well as SQA staff.
  • Targets for full development lifecycle: UT, CT, DVT, SVT and Regression.
  • Intuitive web-based reporting server provides detailed test result matrices and data access logs.
  • Postmortem data helps software engineers quickly diagnose test failures.
  • Very high level test case programming environment – Python.
  • Developed in conjunction with the SAFplus platform, but can also be used for testing non-SAFplus systems.
  • Easily configurable test fixtures, written in XML files, can be executed across the same set of test cases and across multiple platforms.
  • Prepackaged with AMS compliance and verification test cases, that jump-starts your product’s test environment.

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