SAFplus Management Platform

SAFplus Management Platform

Rapidly enable sophisticated management capabilities with minimal engineering effort.


OpenClovis’s SAFplus Management Platform provides out-of-the-box comprehensive management functionality for your networking, computing and telecom products. Using your YANG (NETCONF) definition files, we provide NETCONF, SNMP, RESTCONF, and command line access protocols. The SAFplus manageability agents automatically route incoming requests to your applications, running anywhere on the cluster. And at development time, our software can read your YANG files, generating C++ objects for application instrumentation.


Superior Features of the SAFplus Management Platform

Rapidly Create Management Aware Applications. SAFplus has infrastructure at the application layer that binds objects to the NETCONF path so that C++ objects, and even C++ variables, are management aware. This makes it very easy to connect management definitions to the running code. The binding is dynamic, so that if one process fails another can take over and rebind to the object.

Automatic Object and Object Class Creation. Full C++ Object classes and Object hierarchies can be automatically generated from the Yang file using SAFpus. It is possible to create your own object and bind it, or you can create your own code to generate the object.

Provisioning and Statistical Objects Independently Supported. SAFplus supports provisioning (configuration) objects, which are database backed, and statistical objects, which are held in RAM and are read only. The objects are defined in NETCONF and Yang, and are fully supported down through the hierarchy. Since objects are split into two classes, the live running system is more efficient than if there was only a single class.

Easy upgrade to SAFplus High Availability Platform from SAFplus Management Platform. All SAFplus services use management natively. For example all of the Availability Management Framework (AMF) objects, log streams, groups, and messaging pipes are also visible through management interfaces. The resulting close ties between HA and manageability makes things very efficient from a programmer’s and user’s perspective.

Support RESTCONF. Full manageability can be maintained through an HTTP/web browser. The CLI supports multiple network elements and is scriptable since it is based on Python. Thus, configuration changes or data collection can be applied across set of nodes, for instance to take down the network interfaces across all the machines.

Simple Database XML Export/Import for Rapid Config File Update. When running a real network, it’s often necessary to push out an update to all of the machines’ config files. In SAFplus a single function call exports the databases in XML, where they can then be checked into a source control system and, with another function call, reimported back into the machines’ databases. This also gives a snapshot of the configuration at a given point in time.

Edit Native Yang. In SAFplus’ IDE all objects can be configured as managed entities, so native Yang can be pulled in and edited. Custom Yang files are pulled into a GUI environment, where elements of a customer object can be instantiated.


YANG example in SAFplus

Click here to see steps in creating a YANG module with SAFplus.


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