Runtime Director

The Runtime Director is a web-based cluster management solution that fully integrates into the SAFplus platform. The Runtime Director is built using a modern model-view-controller architecture utilizing the TurboGears web mega-framework.

Key Features

  • Intuitive graphical interface: All SAF AMF entities of the cluster can be easily viewed and modified.
  • In-Service Software Upgrade: Deploy new software to the cluster without taking applications offline, whilst maintaining version management consistancy.
  • Development tool: Multiple projects can share the same expensive target platform for developing new applications or as the basis for your Element Management System.
  • Installation flexibility: Install into an existing in-service SAFplus cluster or add into your product during the design phase.
  • Highly available: Run in highly available Active/Active (2N) redundancy mode or non-redundant (single node) mode.


Cluster Node View: Status of every node in the cluster and what applications are running on each node.

Runtime Director: Cluster Node View












SAF Service Group View: State of all applications and all of their constituent SAF entities.

Runtime Director: Service Group












Upgrade Session View: Example of an in-service, rolling upgrade of an application.

Runtime Director Upgrade Session Example












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